How to Measure for new Countertops

Step 1: Click Here and download form to your computer.

Step 2: Open form in Adobe Acrobat. Fill out information on top of form.

Step 3: Indicate product type, Color, Edge type etc.

Step 4: Find the shape of the countertop you are requesting quoted. Measure in inches the dimensions of the countertop area and ad the numbers in the blue fields on the form.

*When measuring, it is best to round up to the nearest ½ inch for pricing purposes.

Step 5: Click the submit button. Your email will open and the form will be included with your measurements and information. If you click the reset button, it will reset the form.

Step 6: Indicate desired brand (Formica, Wilsonart, etc.), color and any other information that will help us quote your project as accurately as possible.

Step 7: Send the email.

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