Kitchen and Bath Fixtures


We offer a wide variety of kitchen and bath fixtures through Sir Faucet. Sir Faucet offers superior-quality faucets at reasonable prices.


Sir Faucet discovered a need for well-engineered, affordable faucets; so they went to work developing an ever-expanding line of faucets for the home kitchen and bath market. Sir Faucet styles range from traditional to contemporary, and are engineered to accommodate the many different hardware situations found in both older and newer homes.


The testing and accreditation of their faucets verifies that Sir Faucet products are exceptional. All faucets are pressure-tested to certify that they will function properly for years to come. They are approved by the ADA (American Disabilities Association) and the NSF (National Science Foundation). They proudly offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products.


We offer many options of Kitchen and Bath Fixtures. Please ask our sales staff for more details and pricing.


Shower & Tub


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